About Us

The newest and most exciting entertainment venue in Old Pasadena, The Rose, presents live musical performances by nationally acclaimed acts, in an eclectic atmosphere that incorporates a state of the art concert facility accompanied with a fine dining restaurant, Chefs Gallery and the world-renowned CaliBurger. In an intimate setting, 70 feet being the maximum distance you can be seated away from the stage, with state of the art sound, The Rose is the perfect place to see your favorite artists.

In addition to the unique musical experiences that come alive at The Rose, the venue offers upscale dining with menus influenced by national and world-renowned culinary artists. What’s more, The Rose prides itself in its ability to transform the ambiance of the venue and menu selection to meet the thematic pulse of any special event.

The Rose also features state of the art video, projection screens, close circuit sounds and a million dollar light show; which all combine for a unique, high-energy intrinsic experience. The venue’s high speed Internet can be used for broadcasting live performances or conferences. The Rose is a turnkey event center that can handle all your audiovisual requirements in house. A variety of spaces are available, with the capabilities to house anywhere from a 30 to 1,300 persons event. Having your dream event at the same place rock stars have theirs is made easy at The Rose!